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When a client comes into the Smith Law Firm LLC we strive to listen and care for all our clients' needs. Bankruptcy often times is a low in peoples' lives. We understand and empathize with our clients. The purpose of bankruptcy is to bring that client out of the hole they feel trapped in. Creditors can make life so very difficult and the harassment and constant gloom of impending debts coming due make for a trying time. 

At the Smith Law Firm LLC we are here to help you get your fresh start. Let us work with you to find the best plan to let you move forward with your life. 

Business Planning

Business planning is a stressful and exciting time for any entrepreneur. There are so many considerations to attend to. At Smith Law Firm LLC we take a practical and individualized approach to each one of our clients. Whether you are just starting up or have had an ongoing business for years, we are here to help navigate some of the trickier parts of running a business.

The Smith Law Firm LLC can help you with any issues you face from formation to dissolution. Whether you are looking for advice or help with what entity form your business should take (LLC, S-Corp, Corporation) or you have already formed and you need guidance wth Shareholder agreements or Operating agreements we are here for you. Business contracts can leave your business exposed and ultimately hurting your bottom line. Let us help you make sure that you are protected when you enter into new business arrangements. 

The Smith Law Firm LLC is here for you. We want your business to thrive and become a meaningful part of our community and your life. 

Real Estate 

Investing in real estate is usually the largest investment a person will make in their life. Whether you are purchasing a residential residence, commercial real estate, or investment properties it is a good idea to have a lawyer help you with the purchase or sale. Jackson real estate is expensive so making sure all the legal issues are understood and acknowledged is an important part of any real estate decision.

At the Smith Law Firm LLC we are to help. Whether it is a contract for the sale or purchase of property or utilizing a 1031 exchange to shelter your real estate appreciation from capital gains taxes, we can help you navigate the process. 

The Smith Law Firm LLC provides representation for all your Real Estate needs.

Smith Law Firm LLC Is Here for You

At Smith Law Firm LLC, I focus on bankruptcy, business law, and real estate and I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.


Smith Law Firm LLC is committed to answering your questions about bankruptcy, business law, and real estate law issues in Wyoming.

I offer a free consultation and I’ll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.