Important Bankruptcy Issues


The United States Bankruptcy Code

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is the set of rules that govern bankruptcy. I have compiled these pages under this section to help people with an easy to access code reference. Additionally, I will take the key code provisions and explain how they work in bankruptcy. The current code came into existence in 1978 as the Bankruptcy Reform Act and has ben amended throughout the years with the most notable amendments coming in 2005. It can be found in 11 U.S.C. §§101 et seq. The code can be broken into general sections. In each of these sections I have taken the most commonly referenced arts of the code given the exact language from the code, then I have explained and demystified them accordingly. I hope this can help to wrap your head around the complex legal issues that a debtor may face when filing bankruptcy. Many of these issues and sections will arise in bankruptcy and the Smith Law Firm is here to help you figure it all out.

Debtor Eligibility and the Different Forms of Relief

Different Forms of Relief

Commencement and Dismissals of a Bankruptcy Case

The Automatic Stay

Relief from Stay and Adequate Protection

Property of the Estate

Wyoming Exemptions 

Avoidance Powers

Fraudulent Transfers and Postpetition Transfers

Trustee's Powers

Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases

Claims Against the Estate

Debt Adjustments and the Classification of Secured and Unsecured Claims

The Debtor's Discharge

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